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MMM Productions is a Video Marketing Company. We specialize in Creating high quality Video Content for our clients. We use our creative expertise to help bring your message to life.


Martyn Meisner, Production Specialist

David Andrew, Artistic Director

Mikki Meisner, Public Relations

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Video is one of the most powerful tools in the world for it’s ability to influence and connect people.  A video is an asset that lets people connect with you.  It’s like having 100 sales people working for you 24-seven.

We’ve had the opportunity to create videos for all types of business’s, Individuals and events.

From Testimonials, Products and services even Weddings, Real Estate, promotional videos, even NON Profits.  Our Job is to make the client stand out. We have formulated a style of video that can help free all business’s from the struggles of marketing.

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